The Cuban Chronicles A True Tale of Rascals, Rogues, and Romance

In the infancy of Cuba’s tourism, Wanda St.Hilaire takes a trip to the tiny island. In spite of her love of all things Latin, she puts herself on a travel ban to Castro’s Cuba, one that lasts twenty years.

When she is forced to cancel a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico at the last minute, she finds herself in Cuba twice, on back-to-back trips. Walking into the backstreets of Havana, eyes wide open, she is pulled into a dalliance with a charismatic cubano.

Underneath the facade of Cuba’s tourism lies the desperation of a society living mostly in abject poverty. When tourists mingle with locals, we get a glimpse of what underlies the frivolity of Cuban entanglements. St. Hilaire speaks with an authentic voice and doesn’t mince words; she recounts her own activities, emotions, and opinions with refreshing honesty.

With each solo adventure, the author reaches a deeper understanding of human nature and the world. At the same time, she conducts a journey of self-discovery, learning about her own entrenched beliefs, biases, and blemishes.

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Of Love, Life and Journeys A Unique Poetry/Journal

This collection of real-life poetry and verse inspired during a sabbatical on the beaches of Mexico offers a refreshing “I can relate” compilation. A Canadian bestseller. (Currently sold out – awaiting a print run/taking pre-orders)

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The Circle of Life Series

This series of little gift books offers a fresh, candid perspective in the category of card giving. Each page contains a thought-provoking and inspirational message (with graphics) about life’s key journeys. If you are looking for something more than  traditional greeting card, these books are ideal for a very personal and poignant gift.


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A New Life A New Baby Girl Look inside the book

Graduate A Little Roadmap to Your Dreams Look inside the book

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Newly Single Man A Celebration of Freedom Look inside the book

Newly Single Woman A Celebration of Freedom Look inside the book

Illness A Small Book of Comfort Look inside the book

The Mourning After A Small Book of Healing Look inside the book


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