Manifest-ola, Actually

What are you manifesting?

A Heart Project needs wishes. They say you have to spell it out to the universe for your wishes to manifest. Write it down, make it happen. Put it out in a blog and it’s really out there.

I do declare that being stuck is getting old and that girls just wanna have fun. Manifest-ola: I’m looking for magic, manna and miracles around men, money, and my muse.

Three Wishes of an Authoress 

After her sales contract is cancelled because of cancer, she reflects and realizes that even though she loves her customers, she’s tired of the sales life anyway. She’s been diligently working her way towards a writer’s life for many years. She decides: no more getting pooped on with arbitrary cuts and silly goose management styles.

Wish #1: Earn enough to comfortably live on doing what she loves in 2013. Can she build a purposeful biz where work is play in a creative life or will she have to pack up shop and live under a coconut tree drinking seaweed margaritas in Majajuitas, Mexico? Or … is the coconut tree the answer?

In her relentless pursuit of completing her first travel memoir, the inspired authoress can’t comprehend the concept of writer’s block. Fast forward to book two … Normally resilient, she finds herself finally flattened by circumstance. She not only contracts a bad case of writer’s block, she loses her muse. Struggling to recover her mojo, the French love story of Jean-François languishes.

Wish #2: Refresh … Find her inspired writing muse once again and finish the first draft of the French tale by July 15th, 2013. Can she recoup, regroup and write 3500 words a week? Or will the story of amore in Portugal with a captivating Frenchman forever remain locked away, lost in the sands of time?

In The Cuban Chronicles, she has a revelation about herself and her relationships with men. Punctuated by a brief liaison with the world’s stingiest neurotic, she decides to make a change. In doing so, she finds herself lost in vast wasteland of chastity for a long, dry stretch.

Wish #3: Go on three quality dates with spongeworthy men in the next 6 months. Has she rendered herself invisible to the opposite sex? Can she do it?  Or will she be drafted into the convent on a non-voluntary basis?

Update: September 3rd – Yes! She has gone on 3 quality dates before the deadline. Can she really kick it into gear? Stay tuned…

Let’s manifest together. With the launch of this blog, I’m launching a personal build-a-dream program. I’ll share any successful tactics. What are your three wishes?

May all yours come true


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