Calgary author Wanda St.Hilaire has a penchant and passion for all things Latin and believes life is too short not to do what you love, where you love. She spends time writing in Mexico for inspiration and to escape the frozen landscapes of Alberta. She has recently developed an uncanny ability to repel men, money and her muse. She’s currently working on that.

Her first travel memoir, The Cuban Chronicles, is an honest, raw, and sometimes humorous account of the pleasures and perils of a single, untamed woman wandering Cuba alone and unchaperoned.

She …

– I live for … travel.

– Professions I’d like to try … National Geographic Photographer/Travel Show Host/Anthropologist.

– Biggest mystery … why humans still value money and power over love and beauty.

– Most memorable meal … a surreal, lavish lunch in Barcelos, Portugal on market day.

– Wisest decision … not having children. I couldn’t even keep a glass fish I once owned afloat.

– Addictions … Big Bang Theory, nonna’s freshly baked bread at the Italian market, and Latin anything.

– I’d love to have coffee with … writer and rogue extraordinaire, Hemingway.

– If I were “Bewitched,” the first thing I’d do … is dematerialize all of the world’s garbage and pollution. Second thing I’d do is bewitch Brad Pitt.

– Mantra … I now create heaven on earth (okay, lofty goal).