What is Reality 2018?

“You cannot experience a reality which you are not the vibration of.”

Believe Feet

A number of years ago, my brother asked me what my New Year’s resolutions were.

“To exercise at least once this year.”
“You can’t make a resolution like that!”
“Sure I can. It’s one I know I’ll succeed at.”

It is that time of year again, where we feel compelled to make resolutions—many of which we secretly know we’ll never achieve.

This year I invite you to contemplate something radical.

We are in an era of intense change. We are witness to the meltdown of a firmly established institution being led by a dangerous orange clown. Our planet is in a metamorphosis of climate change that none of us have ever seen before. Scientists are starting to edit genes. Bitcoin is changing the economy. And artificial intelligence will change life in ways we cannot currently imagine.

These changes are shifting the collective reality. What was once impossible (good or bad) is now our reality (who knew pedophiles would hold office or run a country?).

When we live in the lower vibration of bad news, fear mongering, worry, and anger, we cannot perceive the wonder of what’s available to us. The insanity of bad-news-low-vibes is designed to keep us focused on the grind and disconnected from true reality and our innate power.

We cannot see solutions and a bigger life from the chicken coop.

The (unfamiliar) thing is that we can step outside of the collective reality anytime we want to. We don’t need a scientist or a politician to tell us what’s now conceivable or acceptable.

Ponder that the true meaning of life is the meaning you assign it. That there is no “reality” per se; reality is your own definition of it.

Have you yet considered your power to tap into the quantum field and create changes that have previously seemed impossible? What if there are numerous parallel realities (and there are) and you get to choose which one you live in? And what if your reality is just a reflection of your strongest belief of what’s possible for you? That kind of changes things, doesn’t it?

My favorite programs as a child were Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, and Star Trek. These shows fed my fantasies of magic, and of boldly going where no one had gone before.

I still love magic and I practice it by playing with “reality.” I like bending time—setting an intention to arrive someplace earlier than should logically be possible. I enjoy asking for unusual and specific signs, like the appearance pheasants as a reply to a question when I walk along my local ridge. I have had the audacity to do things like write to a New York VP editor of the largest publishing house in the world and ask for his advice—and I received a ‘yes’ (nothing shy of totally impossible).

I like the challenge of creating something from what appears to be nothing. Example: I am in Mexico OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAright now sitting in El Café de Bucerias, wishing passersby Feliz Año Nuevo and Happy New Year. In October, I booked a return flight on a wicked WestJet sale from Mexico (yes, no flight down, just a return ticket). As it turned out, October was one of my lowest sale’s months (commission) in five years. In November, I booked my ticket down here, expecting an excellent month, which was based on history and activity. Instead, it was even worse than October, and I had booked a one-month trip.

I complained to the friend I am staying with and she asked me if I was cancelling the trip. That’s when I knew I needed to take a dip into the quantum soup. Money began to arrive from here and there in various amounts. Even while on vacation, it has still continued: Three days ago a book royalty cheque was deposited directly into my account, two days ago an e-transfer for 3 books arrived, and yesterday another e-transfer appeared in my inbox for 6 books. I did not consider giving up my beloved Mexican Christmas—I remembered I had access to another field of possibility. I reminded myself that abundance does not only come from the obvious (a paycheque), but can come in a thousand ways.

We have a narrow frame of reference for reality based on history and indoctrination. We’re living assumptions and beliefs we’ve been taught—but we can change the rules and select what we choose to believe. Peter Pan said: “You just think lovely, wonderful thoughts and they lift you up in the air.” People are doing the supernatural in all corners of the globe.

Meditation facilitates manifestation by clearing the cobwebs away—a mental feng shui that, like shovelling snow off the drive, clears the pathway for ease.

Giving opens the doors to magic. When we are generous with others, whether with our time, our love, or our money, we unkink the knots in the pipeline to divine connection to all that is.

Forgiveness releases new energy to create. When we forgive others for their transgressions and oversights—and especially our own—all of the energy that went toward the emotional drain will emancipate a force for generating something fresh and original.

Observation is critical to creation. I study people by leaving things like ‘Postcards from the Universe’ in clear view to see how many will actually notice. With the atrophy of our cell phone brains, most people are massively unobservant. Even when they spot something unusual, many dismiss it. When you don’t pay attention to the tiny details, you miss a whole lot of magic. A pot of gold may be right under your nose.

“Positivity” raises our frequency to a new level where things that were previously unavailable just show up.

Radical ideas for 2018 …

  • Manifestation is simply allowing something to appear because you have matched its frequency.
  • The more you have fun playing with reality, the more malleable it becomes.
  • Act as if. Behave in the way you wish life to be to create your new reality.
  • Stop relying on appearances. Circumstances don’t matter. Imagine that state of mind is what matters.
  • The uncertainty you’re putting out is what you’re getting back.
  • Surrender is letting go of the concept of who you think you’re supposed to be and being who you are—unlimited possibility.
  • Look for what’s right, not what’s wrong.
  • Allow for surprises. Be open to the unexpected. It can come in the least probable ways.
  • Let your imagination go wild. The physical mind was never designed to create or come up with solutions, rather execute ideas. It’s the workhorse. Let the higher mind loose—it has a far grander and more beautiful plan than the physical mind.
  • Don’t believe something has failed if you don’t see it immediately. Stay in the zone in spite of appearances. Respond differently. It’s there.

We are so much more than we can grasp; what we see is so much less than what exists. Even the J Man told us we could do what he did and even greater.

As you walk into 2018, consider implementing an experiment of a new paradigm. Think about stepping outside of the collective chicken coop to see what kind of Harry Potter powers you actually have.

May your path forward in 2018 be littered with magic, serendipity, and synchronicity!


P.S. For a little science behind Relativity & Reference watch this brilliant young woman’s explanation!

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