Peaceful Easy Feeling

“But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear, tells me I may never see you again.”
—Jack Tempchin
Peaceful Easy Feeling (<listen)

Grayish Boat Sunset

My Dad sent me one of his cryptic texts the other night.

“Dead Eagle:-(
“Say what?”

Jeez. Bowie just died. I did a Google search and discovered Glenn Frey had also died. Then I went to YouTube. Watching the old videos of live concerts, it was the first time I’d seen The Eagles during the ’70s/’80s era. That was Pre-MTV so I never knew what they looked like and I didn’t care.

No other music was so fundamentally interwoven into the fabric of my youth like the harmonization of The Eagles. It was the soundtrack of my life and the intricate lyrics are still deeply etched in my brain as though it were yesteryear. Recollections flooded my mind and tears trickled down my cheeks as I listened. I reminisced about wild ski trips and hot summer nights with my first love, Dennis. Under starry nights listening to a Peaceful Easy Feeling, who knew what was coming? As Don Henley later sang, it was the end of the innocence.

We may have lost our innocence, but we are living in the most polarizing and tumultuous–yet exciting time in the history of Earth. Quantum physics is becoming a part of our lexicon and is being distilled down to a layman’s understanding of how we can make changes in our day-to-day lives with the information. As Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) likes to say, The Matrix is not a movie, it’s a documentary.

In spite of what appears to be a global economic collapse and social upheaval in all corners of the world, never before have we had the opportunity to tap into such a new, unknown reality. Reams of knowledge are now available to anyone.

Recently, while on vacation in Mexico, I stumbled across some information (it wasn’t really a stumble—I’d asked for it). When I arrived at my beloved happy place, I was far away from a peaceful easy feeling. I had just contracted a wicked sinus infection prior to my flight. A number of unpleasant circumstances that had occurred in December were whirling around my mind on an annoying repeat loop.

In a quick series of events, I found information which was presented in a new way, one that brought satori–an instant flash of illumination that silenced the cacophony. I’ve always thought of the concept of parallel realities as that of sci-fi, an idea that has nothing to do with my life (maybe my death, but not my life).

The idea was explained in the easy-to-grasp analogy of a television. When you are watching a variety of programs on channel 2, all other channels and programs are playing and exist at the same time. You can’t see them because you are on channel 2, but they are still running. If you decide to switch to channel 49, you’ll see a whole new set of programs. Apparently that’s the same way parallel realities operate (simplistically speaking).

If that seems too far out for you, stay with me for just a bit longer. Think about it. For every one of the 7 billion+ people on the planet, we are all living a different reality. No two lives are the same. Some are drinking Cristal on lavish yachts while others are eating rice on a dusty street corner. I’ve asked myself a thousand times why that is so.

There are the beliefs we are raised with and taught. There is also the environment and circumstances we experienced as we grew up. There is our tenacious hold on our miseries and misfortunes. What I finally grasped is that we can change the channel of our lives. That our circumstances are not what matters; our state of mind—our perspective on our circumstances—is what matters. (God himself may need to rewire this belief for me—it’s a biggie.)

When asked questions like: what about the Illuminati, the economy, the terrorists, and the evil corporations that are proliferating, the teacher explained that if you choose to stay on that particular “channel” that’s what you’ll see more of. It’s up to you.

It’s actually rather simple. It just takes a mind-twisting, brain-altering, and massively radical shift in beliefs. I learned why some people seem to attract fantastic opportunities and instantaneous success with what appears to be a trail of horseshoes while others who tirelessly put in the effort and are infinitely more talented struggle.

by Verna Bowen

by Verna Bowen

The answer: you cannot perceive or receive that which you are not the vibration of.

If you are allowing yourself to stew in a pot of regret, disappointment, and fear with a dash of guilt (or any other nasty emotional state), you are sitting squarely in the vibration of the doldrums—that dead space where little movement occurs. In order to see your ship on the horizon, you have to first believe that it exists and hold fast to the excitement that it is there.

Imagine that everything you’ve ever been told about how life works is, basically, shite. Imagine that it is not how hard you try, how “good” you are, what degree you hold, your age, how pretty you look, how much you weigh, or what your IQ is. Try on for size the idea that everything, everything, everything is energy. An unbiased, loving energy that responds accordingly to your energy, your thoughts, and your feelings. Test the notion that manifestation is not drawing something to you that does not exist; it is simply allowing what exists to appear because you have matched its frequency. With that in mind, there is nothing to take personally.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
— Nikola Tesla

I was gifted some brilliant examples in real life to illustrate for me one side of the coin to the other. I have a friend who manifests all kinds of wonders from what seems to be thin air. I’m not saying she or her life is perfect. I’m saying money, trips, work, ‘tradesies’, free accommodations, fun events, neat people, etc. come to her. She doesn’t run around frantically seeking them—they show up.

On the other hand, I recently had two separate discussions with two other friends who have charmed and abundant lives, yet they have put inconceivable restrictions on what they experience in spite of the wild freedom right in front of their very eyes. For all three of these women, it is not their circumstances that dictate the state of their lives, it is their viewpoint of their circumstances and of, more than anything, their belief in the way the world works. They can only see what they are the vibration of.

After I returned home, a book called E2 (E Squared by Pam Grout) found me at Chapters. It details nine experiments to prove you create your reality. In a casual and easy to understand style, the book brilliantly underscored the information I devoured in Mexico. What I like about the experiments is that they hit my joy spot—the place inside me that knows quantum magic is real.

We can come up with one hundred and one excuses why we cannot do what we love. We may spin around in a twirl of helplessness believing life is happening to us (and maybe crapping on us) while thinking that we have no say in the matter. Science is now undermining the dogma we’ve been taught about how we work and how the world works. We seem to be far grander than we’ve been told.

The J Man himself did not say blindly worship me and wallow in endless suffering. He said follow me. He said, “the works that I do shall you also do and greater.” [John 14:12]

Whatever the reasons, and whoever is to blame for the entrenched ‘Code of Powerlessness’ we’ve been enshrouded in and force-fed for a couple thousand years, we are at an exhilarating crossroads. Everywhere you turn you are either faced with extreme ugliness or previously unimagined wisdom and knowledge. These concepts can be interesting reading and dinner conversation or they can become a whole new way to create epic change and an improved “parallel” Earth.

I absolutely love this example of a boy who decided to one day just change the channel of his life. In the midst of a difficult challenge, he hacked his imagination and came up with something profoundly simple. In an unanticipated way one small act beautifully shifted the trajectory of his life. It perfectly illustrates my message.

What channel are you on? Are you tuned to programs like As the Stomach Turns, Hoarders, or Butthead Bosses? Is there another channel that you can dial into with programs such as Abundance Gone Wild, Love Unlimited, or TravelGirl (Guy) Abroad? Of course you’ll still have old reruns of They’re All Bastards vying for your attention, but are you willing to consider that you can change the channel to the one you most prefer?

It’s a mind-bend, but a seriously fun way to go about the day. Join me in a worthwhile experiment of turning archaic beliefs on their pointy little heads. Let’s practice being the master instead of the slave, of going from beggar to creator. Together, with a willingness to see the world upside right, we can create a new reality, one that embodies that delicious Peaceful Easy Feeling.

P.S. Glenn, whatever reality you live in now, I thank you with all my heart for the music you brought to this one.


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