A Total Eclipse of the Heart

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”
-John Lennon

©Wanda St. Hilaire

The Earth’s stage right now feels like, most days, a very bad Shakespearian play of evil, betrayal, chaos, and hatred. The bigotry that hid in filthy corners and dank basements is coming out with egoic brazenness and inconceivable ignorance. As has been predicted by many, the darkness will reach a fevered pitch—exactly the roiling, boiling point we are currently witnessing. Sadly, some people on this planet are experiencing a total eclipse of the heart.

Yet, we are also observing (or participating in) the other end of this spectrum of humanness; a display of love, solidarity, and resistance to division and intolerance. People once silent are taking to the streets in droves to express unity.

As the planet churns, a beautiful total eclipse of the sun will cross the United States of America, the hotbed of upheaval. This type of eclipse is considered a major event and has not passed over the USA, coast to coast, in 99 years.

The hubbub around August 21st is because of the astronomical rarity and the enormous astrological power of this occurrence. Astrologers are urging us to use this profound and extraordinary eclipse to help both the planet and ourselves. It is considered a game changer with the opportunity for significant transformation months before and months afterward. It is a period of completion and beginnings. A grand reboot.

At this time, each bit of consciousness is expressed. We’re seeing the purging of negative energies; what’s been in the closet is coming out. It’s a grand wake-up call—one of a microcosmic level of the self and one of the macrocosmic levels of humanity.

A critical factor we like to pretend away is the reality that peace cannot exist on the outside if it does not exist on the inside. We are all responsible for what is happening. It’s daunting to look outside and say, what can we do? Where do we start?

HaloWhere? Inside of us.

As within, so without. Many of us are fighting an internal war on a daily basis. A hater does not love himself and lives in extreme fear and severe scarcity. For the rest of us, it could be a day-to-day struggle with our self-worth, our addictions, our need to please everyone but ourselves, or our obsessions. We may have a war between head and heart; our head says adhere to dogma and logic, our heart says follow what you know to be your personal truth. If we harbour a battle within, make no mistake, it affects the without. Our messes contribute to the whole.

We can use this time to set new intentions with velocity into the future. We can let go of old nonsense and decide what we wish to change. We may want to rest and meditate on our deepest desires for ourselves and for our beloved Earth. We have not just one, but two new moons this month in Leo to solidify our intentions twice over. This type of eclipse, with the wild card of Uranus entering the equation, can shift destiny and put us on a new path. Doors that were previously locked could open.

I believe in my own microcosmic world I can feel the effects of this solar event. I have also had Saturn in my life for the past 3½ years, the grand taskmaster of the skies. When I first learned that I was entering a Saturn transit and heard what Saturn represented, my response was an emphatic “F–k that.”

It took me 6 months; I eventually realized resistance was not a good plan. Saturn wants you to clean up your act: face anything that you have avoided, deal with what you have procrastinated on or denied, take responsibility for your life, and find discipline and structure. He sees through your excuses and bullshit. He (the old wise man of the heavens) firmly instructs you to let go of anything that is inauthentic or useless.

Saturn leaves me on December 20th 2017—my birthday. He doesn’t return for another 29 years. I will celebrate. At times during this transit, I’ve felt washed up and disillusioned. But I’ve taken stock, liberated myself from various bundles of baggage, and I can honestly say I’ve done not only the dirty work that was hidden (literally) under the bed, but I’ve done what was asked of me in the writing and production of a book that was for the good of others.

stick_happy_authoress2-7Saturn has been one helluva harsh coach and a part of me says, “good riddance!” Yet, I am grateful. My metaphorical backpack has lightened. In making the choice to work peaceably with Saturn, he is a powerful ally. He is also the God of Harvest and I feel that I have sown a good crop.

Now, in the weeks leading to this solar eclipse, I’ve felt a letting go of some long-term beliefs that have come from the training and indoctrination of a lifetime in sales and from the “shoulds” and “musts” and “have tos” of others.

My dad gave my cousin a bit of advice 10 years ago. My cousin is an ambitious type, chock full of ideas and plans and projects. He too has struggled to be “successful” in terms of societal doctrines. My dad, in essence, said, Go for it. Give it your all. But if you beat your head against the wall for too long, too many times, and the plan is not gelling, just do that thing that you’re trying to get to. Let it go and just enjoy.

 I am finally willing to let go of “la lucha”—my struggle with my writing dreams. One can do 100,000 things that one is “supposed” to and then, there is a time to let go. If my work is meant to be seen on a bigger stage, it will find its place. Que sera, sera. This fish has swum upstream against the current long enough and it’s time to tell a new story.

Don’t be distracted by the headlines and what is playing out at this time. Focus on your own personal resolution of peace. Love consumes hate and fear. The instant we enter a darkened room and the light is switched on, the dark dissolves. At this epic moment on Earth (and yep, we chose to come at a never before known, undeniably unique turning point epoch on Earth) we are being given the choice to walk through a different door.

Which do you choose?

Post © Wanda St.Hilaire

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